Welcome to the virtual temple of the Sacred Hearth of Selene

dedicated to the great and gracious Goddesses Selene, Brigid, Bastet and Freya.

The Sacred Hearth of Selene is an Iseum within the Fellowship of Isis, founded at Ostara of 2008 and dedicated to honoring the transforming touch of the Goddess through the visual arts, to the protection of animals both wild and domestic, and to living in harmony with the great beauty and power of our beloved planet Earth.





May all living beings of the Earth be blessed,

May plants, trees, animals and humans be blessed,

May the Earth Herself be blessed.







You are most welcome to visit the temple chambers listed below.




The lovely song "Blessed Be" was composed and performed by Nancy Bloom, from her album "Spirits Walking the Wind." It is heard here by her kind permission.

music may be paused here:    

Goddess art courtesy of Susan Falcon-Hargraves

Starry background graphics, cool spinning 3D animated moon and stars courtesy of: Crystal Cloud Graphics

Animated owl and candle gifs courtesy of gifanimations.com